Inkstand Writing Workshop

From “Home” By Lauren Samuelson
"Outside the wind picks up and a bolt of lightning streaks across the sky. I make it back to my car as the first raindrops start to fall. They fall heavy on the front window, and a wash of tears runs down my face. I cry for Kameron. I cry because I know that I will never see him again. Never know what will happen to him. I cry because I know I won’t have the courage to go back to the crisis nursery again, because all of a sudden the world is too big and I am too small."



Inkstand is a writing workshop for people who serve (e.g., volunteers, veterans, public service professionals, etc.) and wish to reflect on their experiences through writing.


During the session, we will draft, workshop, and revise an original piece of creative writing, as well as discuss  storytelling techniques. In May, participants can join a one-day follow-up workshop and a reading for those who wish to share their work with friends and family. 



• to draft an original piece of creative writing
• to share and discuss the draft together in workshops
• to revise the draft
• to read the revision at the sessions’ close



Sessions (limited to six participants)


WEEKEND SESSIONS will be held Saturdays from 10am to 2:30pm, with lunch provided, and Sundays from 1 to 3:30pm.  

  • Session One: MARCH 29-30
  • Session Two: APRIL 26-27


The FIVE-WEEK SESSION will be held Tuesdays from 11am to 1pm from April 1-29.  Feel free to bring a sack lunch to the sessions.


The FOLLOW-UP WORKSHOP will be held on Saturday, May 3, from 10am to 2:30pm, with lunch provided.


THE READING will be held Tuesday, May 6.



Location: Danforth Campus, Washington University in St. Louis, room TBA  (please note you may have to pay for metered or garage parking)



To register, send the following information to instructor Deanna Benjamin at
- Name
- Email Address
- Phone Number
- Profession/Major
- Preferred Session: March or April weekend session or five-week April session.

Registrants will be notified of their placement via email.

Note: Participants who miss the first meeting will forfeit their spaces to those on the waitlist. No refunds are issued for missed workshops.



Fees (per session)
Students: $15
Volunteers: $30
Professionals: $60
Payment due at first meeting

Make checks payable to:
Washington University in St. Louis

Certificate available upon completion
(Workshop is not available for course credit)


Inkstand is a workshop created and led by Washington University lecturer Deanna Benjamin and sponsored by the Gephardt Institute and the United Way of Greater St. Louis.


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