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A Guide to Redistricting in St. Louis

The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement and Social Policy Institute at Washington University co-hosted a conversation on December 6, 2021, with local experts about the redistricting process in the City of St. Louis.

This year, the City of St. Louis redistricting process includes the additional task of reducing the number of city wards from 28 to 14. The St. Louis Board of Aldermen has until December 31, 2021, to finalize the new ward map.

The following resources provide more information about redistricting, including comparisons across states, understanding who guides redistricting, common terminology associated with the process, and more.

Redistricting Basics

Census Information

Redistricting Process Stuctures

Federal Redistricting Guidelines and Common Legal Challenges  


Map Drawing Tools

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Revisit our Panel Conversation on Redistricting

Co-hosted with the Social Policy Institute | Monday, December 6, 2021

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