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Apply to GlobeMed

GlobeMed is a student-run global health non-profit, part of a national network of student organizations committed to building sustainable partnerships with community-based healthcare NGOs and initiatives across the world. The WashU chapter is partnered with Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA), working to fully fund two projects: a Youth Resource Center focused on sexual health education and a maternal and child nutrition project and primary health care center. Students in GlobeMed gain meaningful social justice education, participate in fundraising campaigns to support UDHA, and work to advocate for global health and social justice-related issues in the WashU and St. Louis communities. There is also an opportunity for students to go on the GROW internship, an 8-week internship with our partner in Uganda. Students with all backgrounds and interests are welcome to apply.

Applications are due on Saturday, January 26 at 11:59pm and can be found HERE. Feel free to email washu@globemed.org with any questions!