National Voter Registration Day

No dates for this event

Your vote counts! Join us to check or update your voter registration, register for the first time, request an absentee ballot, or learn where to find a notary on campus! Tabling locations include:


• DUC: 11am-2pm
• Hillman Hall (Brown School): 12-2pm
• Goldfarb Commons (Brown School): 4-6pm
• FLTC (School of Medicine, near Kaldi’s
Coffee): 12-1pm
• Bauer Hall (Olin Business School, near Bauer
Hall Cafe): 12-2pm
• Anheuser-Busch Hall (School of Law, near
Law Cafe): 12-2pm


• Lopata Hall (McKelvey School of
Engineering, near Stanley’s): 11am-2pm

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