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Call for #ThisCivicMoment Series Submissions and Nominations

The foundation of civic and community engagement is in critical reflection – a process of thinking about circumstances that help us to learn, grow, and deepen our civic commitments. We invite you to reflect on this civic moment and commit to action as we explore how we engage with the civic impact of COVID-19 and the Movement for Black Lives on our communities and in our global society.

Titled #ThisCivicMoment, this online series is open to submissions from Washington University students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We invite you, as individuals or groups, to share your perspectives on the implications of COVID-19 and the Movement for Black Lives. 

Submissions may be journalistic, academic, artistic, calls to action, or personal narrative, and we welcome a variety of media, including short essays (350 words as suggested maximum), poetry, video or audio recordings (5 minutes as suggested maximum), and images. 

Learn more and submit or nominate an applicant.