In an effort to support student engagement in local community service, the Gephardt Institute offers a transportation subsidy through the CarShare Fund to assist students who face financial barriers to paying for transportation costs and do not have personal vehicles. The CarShare Fund also supports student groups, faculty, and staff that do not have access to enough personal vehicles.

Using the CarShare Fund allows Enterprise to bill the Gephardt Institute, instead of you.

As you evaluate your transportation needs, please consider using the WashU Universal Pass (U-Pass) or other sustainable transportation options.

The CarShare Fund Process

Please read all policies and procedures on this page. All drivers must have an Enterprise CarShare personal account and be a member of the Gephardt Institute’s business account.

Step 1: Sign up for a personal Enterprise CarShare Account.

Join the Enterprise CarShare program if you are not already enrolled. Once approved, you will receive your member card and packet from Enterprise. If you experience any issues, contact Enterprise.

Step 2: Submit your request.

Submit your request here. Please allow at least two business days to process your request.

If you have a recurring commitment (e.g., weekly) and would like to use one approval code, please indicate this on the request form in the section asking for a description of your plans. If possible, please specify the start date, end date, number of occurrences, and frequency you anticipate (for example: Every Tuesday from 3:00-5:00 pm through the fall semester).

Step 3: Receive approval code via email.

An approval email will direct you to the Gephardt Institute CarShare account sign up page. If you do not receive a response within two business days, please email us to follow up on the status of your request.

All members of a group who intend to drive should be forwarded the approval email, which contains a link to click in order to join the Gephardt Institute account.

Step 4: Reserve your CarShare with your approval code.

Go to WUSTL CarShare and log in with your CarShare Fund BUSINESS ACCOUNT 101 member number. After reserving your car, put your approval code in the “Memo” box.

Use of an invalid approval code or use of an approval code for a different date, time, duration, or purpose without permission will result in rental expenses and fees being charged to your personal credit card. No exceptions will be made. Please do not put “community service” or “tutoring,” for example, in place of a valid code.

If your plans change and you want to apply your approval code to a different day or time, please email us. Contact Enterprise to cancel your car reservation at least 4 hours in advance or you will incur a cancellation fee.

If you have any questions about Enterprise CarShare accounts or reservations, please contact Enterprise.

CarShare Fund Policies

CarShare Fund subsidies are available only to those students who have significant financial need and are unable to absorb transportation expenses. The CarShare Fund is not available to students with personal vehicles.

For Individuals

35 rental hours maximum per individual per semester; 15 rental hours maximum per individual during summer break. An individual is defined as one person using the car whose community service activity is not connected to a student group, class or department.

For Groups

A group is defined as two or more people carpooling for the community service activity. Whenever possible, carpooling is encouraged to make the best use of the CarShare Fund and reduce environmental impact.

If you would like more than one driver to have access to the approval code, please include all driver names in the description section. All drivers should have their own accounts. All approved drivers can use the same code.

Student Union Groups

120 rental hours maximum per Student Union group per semester. Students must be registered and in good standing with Student Union. Any CarShare usage in excess of the 120 per semester maximum must be incurred by the student group.

Non-SU Groups

70 rental hours maximum per group per semester.

Non-Covered Fees

The CarShare Fund will not cover rental hours in excess of maximum, fees and expenses incurred as a result of late returns, late cancellations, unused reservations, retroactive requests, fuel charges, invalid approval codes or use of the approval code for a different date or purpose without permission. Your personal credit card will be charged under these circumstances, and there is no appeals process.

You must apply for CarShare funding EVERY time you need a car unless you have been approved for a recurring code. One-time approval codes may not be re-used for future trips and they are not transferable to other drivers. You must provide an approval code with your CarShare reservation.

Use Policies

  • CarShare Fund use is governed by Enterprise CarShare member policies, which apply to drivers and passengers using the CarShare Fund.
  • The CarShare Fund prohibits the transport of minors who are not Washington University students.
  • The CarShare Fund may not be used for travel beyond a 30-mile radius from the University.
  • The CarShare Fund may not be used to support political candidates or their campaign activities.