School of Law

Appellate Clinic
Bruce LaPierre & Brian Walsh, W74 LAW 800A
The Appellate Clinic represents pro se litigants in cases heard on appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. After the court assigns cases, students handle all aspects of the appeal, including motions, filings, and briefs. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None. Additional Info:

CEL Entrepreneurial Consulting Team (CELect)
Clifford Holekamp, W74 LAW 675C
Several organizations in and around the St. Louis area actively engaged in the business of aiding the growth and development of start-up businesses in our region. These organizations are intended to act as a catalyst for the emergence of a thriving and robust entrepreneurial community that creates successful ventures – especially in the area of technology. The CELect project is an experiential learning program that connects the skills, experience, and energy of students with the needs of partner nominated start-up ventures. Students work in a consultative capacity with the start-up companies to achieve positive and productive outcomes. The structure of this program is unique and variable. The needs of our affiliated partners in this course/project, primarily technology based start-up ventures, do not fit neatly into the structure followed by Olin’s other experiential learning programs such as the Practicum. Start-up ventures need student consultants to be available on an “as needed” basis, not a set and predetermined schedule. This includes the possibility of variable start date and end dates, engagements that might start and stop several times, variable hours per week, etc. Semester: Fall, Spring. Prerequisite: None. Additional Info: Same course as B63 MGT 550x. 3 credit course.

Children & Family Advocacy Clinic
Annette Appell, W74 LAW 797J
Children and Family Advocacy Clinic, student attorneys represent children, teens, and parents in a variety of legal proceedings affecting individual and family liberty rights and interests. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None. Additional Info:

Civil Rights, Community Justice and Mediation Clinic
Karen Tokarz, W74 LAW 769E
The Civil Rights, Community Justice & Mediation Clinic includes a seminar and internship in which law students collaborate with local agencies to provide free legal counsel, client advocacy, and dispute resolution. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: Contact instructor. Additional Info:

Congressional and Administrative Law Externship
Susan Kaplan & Tomea Mersmann, W74  LAW 786C
The Congressional and Administrative Law Externship is an interdisciplinary clinic with full-time externship offerings on Capitol Hill, Federal Agencies, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None. Additional Info:

Criminal Justice Clinic
Peter Joy, W74 LAW 790D
Criminal Justice Clinic law students work with faculty and public defenders to provide criminal defense practice for indigent defendants. They investigate crime scenes, interview witnesses, consult experts, conduct preliminary hearings and take depositions. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None.Additional Info:

Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic
Geetha Rao Sant, W74 LAW 711C
The Intellectual Property & Nonprofit Organizations Clinic presents law students with unique opportunities to address transactional matters and provide advice to clients on a full spectrum of intellectual property and nonprofit law issues. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None.Additional Info:

Government Lawyering Externship
Katherine Goldwasser, W74 LAW 692D
Through the Government Lawyering Externship, students work with attorneys in the Criminal and Civil Divisions of the United States Attorney’s Offices for both the Eastern District of Missouri and the Southern District of Illinois. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None. Additional Info:

Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic
Maxine Lipeles & Elizabeth Hubertz, W74 LAW 704B
Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic (IEC) students represent non-profit groups, communities and individuals who can not afford the legal representation and scientific expertise required to pursue legal action to protect the environment and community health. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: The clinic is open to graduate and upper-level undergraduates with coursework and/or experience in environmental engineering, environmental science, or related fields. Additional Info: Students from other schools need permission of instructor. Enrollment is a two-step process including the submission of a Request for Permission to Enroll form (found at and online registration. Course credit varies.

International Summer and Semester Public Interest Externship
Leila Sadat & Karen Tokarz, W74 LAW 667A
Law students work in other countries through various legal offices, governmental departments, and nongovernmental organizations in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Semester: Fall, spring, summer.Prerequisite: None. Additional Info: Recent student externships and internships include those with the Legal Aid Board and the Lawyers for Human Rights in Durban, South Africa; the Federation of Women Lawyers Legal Aid Society and Legal Resources Center in Accra, Ghana; United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania; Special Tribunal for Lebanon and International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague;  Fiscalia del Medio Ambiente – FIMA, Chile; Transparency International, Panama; Zhicheng Public Interest Law (formerly Beijing Legal Aid/Migrant Workers) and Beijing Arbitration Commission, China; and International Justice Mission, India.

Judicial Clerkship Externship
Robert Kuehn, W74 LAW 654
Judicial Clerkship students work as part-time law clerks under supervision of local, state, and federal trial and appellate judges in MO and IL. Students draft legal memoranda for cases and observe hearings, trials, and other court proceedings. Semester: Fall, spring, summer. Prerequisite: A course from the ethics curriculum. Additional Info:

Juvenile Law and Justice Clinic
Mae Quinn, W74 LAW 797H
Juvenile Law and Justice Clinic student attorneys provide representation to indigent young people in the St. Louis area, acting as lead counsel on juvenile delinquency matters. Semester: Fall, spring, summer. Prerequisite: Evidence, ethics and trial advocacy are preferred pre/co-requisites (or permission of instructor). Additional Info: Please see our website and publications here:

Lawyering Practice Externship
Mary Perry, W74  LAW 798A
Lawyering Practice Externship students learn advocacy and litigation skills working under the supervision of field supervisors in government law offices or legal departments of tax-exempt charitable organizations. Semester: Fall, spring, summer. Prerequisite: None. Additional Info:

Supervised Instruction: Marshall Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project
Cort VanOstran, Program
The WUSTL Marshall-Brennan Project is a Constitutional Law course for high school students taught by WUSTL law students. It aims to teach students their rights under the Constitution and how to use their knowledge to become effective democratic citizens. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None.Additional Info: Community partners include: the Northwest Academy of Law, a St. Louis public high school in North City and the Marshall-Brennan Project National Chapter. *Note- Law students only.

New York City Regulatory & Business Externship
Robert Kuehn, W74 LAW 668C
The New York City Regulatory and Business Externship places law students in a semester-long clinical experience in New York City. Students have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the practice of business associations and regulation. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all first year courses and Corporations. This externship must be taken in conjunction with a 3-unit companion law school course, Organizational Integrity Legal and Ethical Problems in Business” (however, the companion course does not satisfy the J.D. ethics requirement). Additional Info:

Race Public Education & The Law Seminar
Kimberly Norwood, W76 LAW 759S
Race Public Education & The Law Seminar students attend lectures and research on issues at the intersection of race and public education in the United States. They supervise high school students in a mock trial with real judges. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: Contact instructor. Additional Info: Community partners include St. Louis City Courts.

Semester In Practice Externship
Mary Perry, W74 LAW 668D
The Semester-in-Practice Externship allows second and third year law students to gain hands-on professional experience working anywhere outside the St. Louis area. Students earn academic credit by spending a semester working full time for a nonprofit, government, or in-house corporate law office in the location of their choice. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: Completion of all first-year courses and a course from the ethics curriculum. Additional Info: