School of Medicine

Applied Clinical Research II: Disability
Susan Stark, M01 OT 573D
This is the second of a three part course sequence. Students are trained in specific research methodologies, gain skills in the use of standardized measurement tools, conduct behavioral analysis, and enter data in an established database. The data is collected in clinical or community settings. Students are mentored in the research process. Students review the literature related to their research question, and articulate the methodology they will use in their research design. Students may choose from productive aging, pediatrics, work and industry, or participation concentrations. Semester: Fall, spring. Prerequisite: None. Additional Info: None.

Clinical Experience I, II, III, IV
Tammy Burlis, M02 PHYS THER 691, 692, 693, 694
This is an eight-week, full-time clinical experience supervised by clinical faculty that allows the student to practice evaluation and treatment skills acquired in the classroom and laboratory. Additional emphasis emphasizes development of professional behaviors. Semester: Fall, spring, summer.Prerequisite: None. Additional Info: None

Clinical Practicum
Various Instructors, Program
This opportunity allows PP DPT (post-professional doctor of physical therapy) students to pursue a topic of special clinical interest under the supervision and guidance of a faculty member. Students may register for 1-6 credits of clinical practicum in a semester. A maximum of 6 units of clinical practicum may be credited toward the DPT degree. Each unit of credit for clinical practicum should reflect approximately 45 hours of work performed by the student. Semester: Fall, spring, summer.Prerequisite: Contact Department of Physical Therapy. Additional Info: None.

Aids Education (STATS)
Ericka Hayes, M04 W1 587D
STATS is a selective course for first year medical students focusing on the history and impact of HIV infection and disease in the U.S. and abroad, including the impact on youth in the U.S. STATS is also a student organization for medical students in all years to teach a two-day HIV/AIDS awareness curriculum to students in the Parkway School District and at Wellness Day hosted by Washington University St. Louis. Semester: Fall (lectures and teaching sessions), spring (teaching sessions). Prerequisite: None. Additional Info: None.