Community-Engaged Teaching is embraced by schools and departments across Washington University.

We have identified over 80 undergraduate- and graduate-level Community-Engaged Courses for academic year 2018-2019. Sometimes referred to as service-learning, Community-Engaged Courses provide assignments and targeted learning activities in a community context, and integrate classroom theory with practice in the real world. Participating faculty have noted benefits at the local, national, and international level for both students and community partners.

To nurture continued growth in this field, the Gephardt Institute offers Course Development Grants. These grants support faculty with the development, evolution, and evaluation of Community-Engaged Courses. 

Learn more and apply: 

Purpose and Scope

Course Development Grants support new Community-Engaged Teaching initiatives. 

Grants should incorporate the Gephardt Institute as a campus partner who provides intensive support throughout the planning, implementation, and evaluation process. We offer financial support, as well as other crucial forms of support for building long-term capacity. The scope of support can include:

  • Curriculum
  • Pedagogy
  • Community partnership facilitation
  • Assessment and evaluation

Grant Size

We welcome proposals ranging from $500-$5,000.  Due to the intensive nature of this grant, applicants are encouraged to formulate a budget that will adequately meet their needs for capacity building.

Additional Requirements

Please include a letter of support from your community partner(s).


The grants are available at the undergraduate and/or graduate level in any discipline or school. Service and community partnership may either comprise the entire focus of the proposed course, or be a discrete but major component of the course. The service component should be stated in the syllabus and incorporated in the course goals and objectives. Assessment of student learning for the course, including grading criteria and assignments, should be connected to service in some way.

Please review the Gephardt Institute’s Community-Engaged Teaching definition, which will help you assess how your ideas or plans fit within our parameters and expectations for Community-Engaged Teaching at WashU.

Examples of eligible proposals:

  • Activities that facilitate community partnership
  • Community-Engaged Teaching-related training
  • Resource materials
  • Community-engaged research as it relates to Community-Engaged Teaching curricular initiatives
  • Applied research associated with Community-Engaged Teaching initiatives
  • Publications

Application process:

  1. Complete an online Letter of Intent form (due Friday, January 25 at 5pm).
  2. Schedule a proposal review meeting by reaching out to our Civic Engagement Fund Coordinator:
  3. Download and complete Project Proposal Template, then convert it to a pdf.
  4. Prepare a budget document, unless it was included in your Project Proposal. For guidance you can refer to the Budget Template and Sample Budget.
  5. Secure letter(s) of support from community partner(s).
  6. Submit basic demographic information and upload your proposal documents.

Deadline for Course Development Grants (2018-2019): 
March 8

If you have any questions, please contact our Civic Engagement Fund Coordinator: