Who is eligible for a Civic Engagement Fund Grant?

Grants are offered to the Washington University community, including faculty, staff, and students. Unfortunately, outside entries do not qualify.

What types of projects qualify for the grants?

How do I decide which grant to apply for?

Email the Civic Engagement Fund Coordinator if you are unclear of which grant to apply for or stop by the Gephardt Institute office at Stix House (6470 Forsyth Blvd). 

What is a proposal review meeting? When should I schedule my meeting?

  • A proposal review meeting is required before submitting an application.
  • The meeting will serve as a workshop for individuals who have drafted a proposal, have created a budget, and have met with possible community partners. To schedule a proposal review meeting, reach out to the Civic Engagement Fund Assistant.

What is an informational meeting?

Informational meetings are meant to address any overarching questions you might have about a grant, related to, but not limited to creating a budget, reaching out to community partners, etc. To schedule an informational meeting, reach out to the Civic Engagement Fund Assistant.

After submitting my application, how long until decisions are announced?

Decisions are typically announced within four weeks of submitting an application. However, this is contingent on the committee’s availability and may vary at times.

Where can I find more information about past Civic Engagement Fund projects?

For information on projects that have received funding in the past, see the Past Grant Recipients page.

I applied for a grant in the past, but did not receive funding. Can I reapply?

If you went through the application process and did not receive funding, we encourage individuals to review their application and resubmit during the following grant cycle.

Can I apply for a grant if I have been awarded one in the past?

Yes. However, you must have a new project idea or be expanding on a previous project. Please note that we do not typically fund the same projects.

Can I apply for a grant after my project has occurred?

The Gephardt Institute does not offer retroactive funding. We provide funding to individuals in the form of reimbursement.

What do you NOT fund?

  • Internships or practica
  • Retroactive funding
  • Funds and goods intended for philanthropic donation

We received a Civic Engagement Fund grant. Now what?

Can I submit more than one proposal?

We encourage individuals to submit one proposal per cycle.

Is it plausible to apply for a grant that would cover transportation to and from a volunteer site?

The Civic Engagement Fund does not cover the transportation cost for volunteering, but the Gephardt Institute does offer a transportation subsidies through the Transportation Fund for Community Engaged Courses.