If you are a WashU faculty or staff member, or work in a WashU department, it is possible for you to receive reimbursement in advance of project completion through an Inter-Department (ID) Transfer, pending department approval. If you are unsure if an ID Transfer is possible for your grant award, please contact the sub-grant committee chair or CivicEngagementFund@wustl.edu.

Step-by-Step Inter-Department Transfer Process

If you are NOT a WashU faculty or staff member, or do not want to be paid through your department, see Information for Grant Recipients.

Step 1: Sign and submit the Grant Acceptance Form

Step 2: Work with your department to set up an unrestricted ledger class 12 account and ID the Gephardt Institute.

Step 3: Email our Civic Engagement Fund Coordinator to notify us of the unrestricted ledger class 12 account, and provide the name and email of your department’s financial contact.

Step 4: Throughout your project/event, keep all ORIGINAL receipts that clearly break down the purchase(s) by line item and indicate paid in full.

  • We will ask that you turn in all original receipts. 

Step 5: Throughout your project/event, keep track of how many members of the WashU community and non-WashU community participated and engaged with your work. This will be be required as part of your summary report.

  • If there are less than 13 people at any event or project that involves food or other social expenses, you must record all of their names for reimbursement processes.

Step 6: Turn in your summary report using the online form.

  • Submit the online form within 30 days of project completion. 

Step 7: Turn in all original receipts and any photos taken during the project/event to CivicEngagementFund@wustl.edu

  • Any funds not spent will need to be reimbursed to the Gephardt Institute via Inter-Department Transfer.

If you have questions regarding reimbursement, please email CivicEngagementFund@wustl.edu.