Summary Form for Grant Recipients

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Purpose of and rationale for the project.
Briefly describe the progression of your project from start to finish, including start/end dates and any unexpected opportunities and obstacles.
1) Please describe the progress made toward the stated goals and objectives related to this specific grant. 2) What difference did this grant have in the community you partnered with and for the population you were serving? 3) Were there any unexpected results, either positive or negative, that you have not already described? 4) Describe collaboration, if any, to the work funded by this grant and how it impacted your efforts?
Describe what you learned from completing this project.
Was this a one-time event/project? Will the program continue in the future?
Please list any community partners involved. What was the relationship between the group and the community you partnered with? Did you face any challenges you had not anticipated? How did you enter and exit the community? What effects did this grant have on the community?

Who are the different populations that were involved in your project (including number of people)?

(if not already counted through other categories)
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