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Civic Scholars Program: Where Passion Meets the Need of the World

2015 Civic Scholars Cohort
2015 Civic Scholars Cohort

Civic Scholars from the Class of 2015 have been recognized for their work across campus and beyond.

Jason Silberman, a senior in the philosophy-neuroscience-psychology in Arts & Sciences, is a Stern Family Civic Scholar. Jason worked with a team at the Washington University School of Medicine last summer to develop a checklist to guide standard procedures for treating patients with disabilities. Read more about his work here.

Reuben Riggs, a senior majoring in anthropology and African-American studies in Arts & Sciences, helped form STL Students in Solidarity following the shooting death of Michael Brown in August. Reuben is a Cantor Family Civic Scholar and spent the summer as a community organizer with the Organization for Black Struggle. Read more about Reuben here.

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