Community Partners

Partner with Washington University

At the Gephardt Institute, we believe engaged citizens foster thriving communities. We base our relationships on a respect for community voice, assets, and partnership, while providing technical assistance and support to community organizations seeking collaboration with Washington University in St. Louis. Our goal is to develop partnerships that support your objectives, while simultaneously providing educational and research opportunities for students and faculty. We help you to:

  • Identify key departments, offices and contacts at the university and their distinct purposes
  • Match your organizational needs with potential academic and student volunteer/intern programs
  • Understand the university academic year as it relates to community engagement
  • Draw upon best practices in working and communicating with millennials

We aim to create true partnerships that result in the shared creation of new knowledge and new solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

Communicate Needs to the WashU Community

The WashU community seeks opportunities for engagement. Use these resources to recruit talented students whose enthusiasm and work ethic offer valuable capacity-building in community-based settings.

  • STLVolunteer: We work with the United Way of Greater St. Louis to share nonprofit volunteer and internship opportunities with our students. You do not need to be a United Way member organization to have a profile. STLVolunteer is accessed regularly by individual students seeking volunteer opportunities, student groups and Greek chapters seeking group projects, as well as staff, faculty and St. Louis community members.
  • Submit a News Announcement and post on Facebook: Our weekly email newsletter reaches approximately 4,000 students, staff, and faculty every Wednesday during the academic year. You may share periodic news and events in the newsletter by submitting announcements online and selecting which Wednesday you’d like the announcement to go out. You can also post to our Facebook page at any time.
  • K-12 Connections: If you are an educator in a St. Louis-area school district, learn about how K-12 Connections may be able to help you connect with WashU students, staff and faculty for one-time special events, and field trips to our campus.

Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning

Partnering with Washington University faculty and students through community-engaged teaching and learning provides community partners with the opportunity to gain fresh ideas and actionable knowledge while exposing students to real-world applications of their coursework. Learn more.

Events and Programs

The Gephardt Institute provides the community of St. Louis with a window into Washington University, offering events and programming open to the public on a wide range of topics, including health, the environment, education, transportation and more.

  • St. Louis Up Close: This series open to the public focuses on the in St. Louis part of the Washington University experience through dialogue with speakers from nonprofits, local government and faculty about issues important to St. Louis.
  • Symposium for Civic Engagement: This annual event showcases inspiring initiatives by WashU students, faculty and staff alongside their respective community partners.