The EOTO Leadership Team (LT) consists of Day Leaders and at-large Leadership Team members. The LT provides essential support and feedback to EOTO program coordinators to ensure that all EOTO functions are effective and impactful. LT members serve as liaisons between the EOTO tutors, site coordinators, and program coordinators in the Gephardt Institute. While there is variation in specific roles depending upon each program, we hope all Leadership Team members get to know as many of the tutors as possible. The Leadership Team also supports the EOTO programs and volunteers by organizing, promoting, staffing, and evaluating various EOTO initiatives, including tutor recruitment, information sessions, interviews, training, and special events.

In order to apply for the leadership team, you must have tutored at least one semester with one of the programs.

Application Deadline

The Spring 2020 Leadership Team Application is currently closed.