Each semester, Each One Teach One requests that tutors submit their plans for the following semester, regardless of whether they are continuing, taking a hiatus, requesting a program transfer, or discontinuing.


  • Please fill this out your availability to the best of your knowledge.  If you believe your schedule still might change, you can indicate that as well.
  • If you are unable to tutor next semester, please complete the form and then select “unable to tutor” as your first choice so that the form will submit successfully.
  • Please feel free to email eoto@wustl.edu with additional questions.
EOTO Tutor Renewal Form

Contact Information

Tutoring Information

If you are seeking a transfer to a different program, you will need to provide a brief explanation in the next box and interview with the program coordinator(s).
Each One Teach One is committed to meeting the needs of each of our program partners and providing volunteers with a meaningful experience. Your statement(s) will help us consider your request more closely. Please answer the following two questions in 300 words or less. 1.) Why are you interested in switching programs? 2.) Why do you feel you are suited for the program in which you hope to transfer?

Please indicate your tutoring day preferences for next semester. If you do not plan to tutor please select "Unable to tutor" below.

Important Note: There are very limited spots for the Hawthorn 9th grade tutoring on Wednesdays. Please only select this preference if you feel comfortable tutoring math, science, or computer science.