Do you have a project idea sitting on the shelf? A question that your organization needs answered?

Partner with Washington University faculty and students through the Brown School of Social Work’s course Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities, and move from planning to action!

Social Work Practice Course Description

In Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities, teams of first-year Master of Social Work (MSW) students develop their knowledge and skills through completion of evidence based practice projects in partnership with community groups, organizations, and government agencies in the St. Louis region. These projects are designed to address a practice related question that assists local organizations in meeting their mission through the incorporation of evidence based practice knowledge.

What Kind of Project is a Good Fit for this Course?

The best projects for the course enable students to engage with best available evidence on a topic, gather knowledge community or organizational stakeholders, and make connections between academic knowledge and practice strategies.

As a result, organizations can gain more knowledge about:

  • Best practices with a target population or practice area
  • How programs and services could be developed or expanded to meet needs
  • New ways to conduct outreach or organize populations.

Click here for a course overview, including sample project questions.

Project Submission Process

The proposal process for spring 2019 is now open. You can submit your project here.

Submitted projects will be reviewed with possible follow up for clarity to address potential questions.  See below for full timeline of notification and participation.


Project proposals due October 31, 2018
Notification of participation November 2018
Orientation for selected community partners* January 11, 2019
Projects occur January-April 2019
Project presentations* Late April/Early May 2019

*Mandatory for a person within your organization who will work with the student team.

Questions? Contact Stefani Weeden-Smith at