Community Engaged Teaching is embraced by schools and departments across Washington University.

Key elements of Community Engaged Teaching include learning activities in a community context, course content and assignments connected to activities in the community, and faculty oversight. It has historically been referred to as service learning and is sometimes called community-based teaching and learning.

To nurture growth in this area, the institute offers training, consultation, partnership development, and funding for faculty who offer Community Engaged Courses.

Learn about Community Engaged Teaching and Course Offerings:

  • Community Engaged Teaching Resources
    View a robust and curated library of resources to assist with your Community Engaged Course development.
  • Course Listings
    Washington University offers over 80 courses that include a community-engaged component. Click on the links below to view Community Engaged Courses offered in 2018-2019.

If you know of updates or a course that should be listed, please contact Associate Director of Community Engagement, Sonia Sequeira at


For a complete list of Community-Engaged Teaching courses open to undergraduate students, visit the 2018-2019 Bulletin.

Brown School
MPH 5701Practicum-MPH Program
SWCD 5016Community Development Practice
SWCD 5067Developing Programs for Children & Youth
SWCD 5076Social and Economic Development-Redevelopment-East St. Louis Seminar Part I
SWCD 5077Urban Development Seminar
SWCD 5078Developing Sustainable Urban Communities
SWCD 5082Foundations of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the Applied Social Sciences
SWCD 5089Poverty, Law and the Health of Communities
SWCD 5102Foundation Practicum Integrative Seminar
SWHS 5079Community Development and American Cities
SWSA 5050Evaluation of Programs and Services
SWSA 5060Social Entrepreneurship
SWSA 5066Marketing, Resource Development, and Community Relations
SWSP 5861Domestic Social and Economic Development Policy
SWPRFoundation Practicum 
SWPRConcentration Practicum
School of Law
LAW 654Judicial Clerkship Externship
LAW 667AInternational Summer and Semester Conflict Resolution Externship
LAW 668CNew York City Regulatory & Business Externship
LAW 668DSemester In Practice Externship
LAW 692DGovernment Lawyering Externship
LAW 711CEntrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic
LAW 759SRace Public Education & The Law Seminar
LAW 769ECivil Rights, Community Justice and Mediation Clinic
LAW 786CCongressional and Administrative Law Externship
LAW 790DCriminal Justice Clinic
LAW 797HJuvenile Law and Justice Clinic
LAW 797JChildren & Family Advocacy Clinic
LAW 798 ALawyering Practice Externship
LAW 800AAppellate Clinic
School of Medicine
OT 5264Community Health and Occupational Therapy
OT 573DApplied Clinical Research II: Disability
OT 762Seminar in Education Strategies
PHYS THER 691Clinical Experience I
PHYS THER 692Clinical Experience II
PHYS THER 693Clinical Experience III
PHYS THER 694Clinical Experience IV
W1 587DAids Education (STATS)
Olin Business School
MGT 520Taylor Community Consulting Project
MGT 501Management Center Practicum
MGT 550xCEL Entrepreneur Consulting Team
Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
XCORE 344Digital Filmmaking: City Stories
XCORE 386XPublic Practice