The Gephardt Institute, with support from the Provost’s Office, offers transportation funding to assist faculty who are taking students off campus for Community Engaged Courses by reimbursing the department for the expense. A Community Engaged Course includes the following elements:

  • Faculty oversight
  • Targeted learning activities in a community context
  • Course content and assignments connected to activities in the community

Please note that while the Gephardt Institute supports and appreciates the value that field trips can provide to a course, these funds are limited to Community Engaged Courses. To see if your course can be considered a Community Engaged Course, please review Community Engaged Teaching Overview and the Community Engaged Teaching Checklist.

If approved for funding, the Gephardt Institute will work with you to evaluate your transportation options and reimburse you (or your department) for the cost of the rental.  Please note that the Gephardt Institute does not handle transportation reservations. Please submit your request at least two weeks prior to the date needed to ensure availability with vendors when making the reservation. The Gephardt Institute is not responsible for reservation requests that cannot be accommodated or have not received prior approval.

If you have a course partner coming to the Danforth Campus, please refer to this map of visitor parking locations. Visitors must park in designated visitor parking spaces.

There are five steps to the transportation fund process:

Step 1:

Submit your funding request using the form below (allow at least two weeks before your requested date).

Step 2:

Receive funding approval via email (allow up to two business days).

Step 3:

Identify and reserve the best type of transportation for your needs based on feedback within the approval email (see below for examples).

Step 4:

Ask your department to take care of the rental payment, or request reimbursement if you pay for the rental yourself.

Step 5:

Your department will request a fund transfer in the amount of the department charge or reimbursement.

Please note:

  • As you evaluate your transportation needs, please consider using the WashU Universal Pass (U-Pass) for Metro trains and buses. When appropriate, we encourage you to travel via foot or bike.
  • We ask that you consider community context and road conditions when determining the type of vehicle(s) you wish to rent.
  • Per university policy, use of a 15 passenger van is not permissible.
  • Fuel expenses associated with rental vehicles will be reimbursed.
  • Please save and submit itemized receipts or other documents necessary for departmental reimbursement.
  • The Gephardt Institute is not responsible for late fees, cancellation fees, vehicle damage, or retroactive requests.

If you have questions about the Course Transportation Fund, please contact Sonia Sequeira, Associate Director for Community Engagement, at

Types of Transportation

School Bus

Accommodates up to 50 passengers with a professional driver.

Rental Car

Accommodates up to 5 passengers.


Accommodates 45-55 passengers with a professional driver.

Rental Minivan

Accommodates up to 7 passengers.

Mini Coach

Accommodates 13-26 passengers with a professional driver.

Please note, the photos above are solely examples for your reference.

Transportation Fund Request Form

This form is currently closed for submissions.