How should I prepare for the Community Bus Tour?

The Community Bus Tour is a learning journey, and you can best prepare by opening your heart and your mind to learning about St. Louis in ways that may be new and difficult to witness and process. Be prepared to be challenged and stretched to think about why St. Louis has evolved and is as it stands today, and be open to questions about your role and responsibility as a citizen of St. Louis and how you will positively engage and impact our city. For tips on dress and other preparation, visit our pre-tour preparation page.

How long is the tour?

Tour times vary, but are typically 3-4 hours.

Where do I find the bus for the start of the tour?

The bus will pick up and drop off at the depot outside of the campus bookstore in Mallinckrodt. Visit the pre-tour preparation page for more details.

What can I expect on the tour?

Community Bus Tours can be challenging, emotional, and in other ways difficult to process as you witness and unpack the social, racial, political, economic, and other historical forces that have influenced St. Louis. We encourage you to arrive with an open mind and heart, and keep track of the things sticking with you that require more processing or that motivate you to learn or do more.

Where will we go on the tour?

The tour route changes slightly each time in order to accommodate time constraints and to maximize group exploration and learning. St. Louis is a living and ever-changing city, and events will also impact Bob’s decisions for which places to visit and in what order.

What if I can’t make it to all of the tour?

Unfortunately, because the tour route changes, individuals are not able to join the tour once it has begun. If an individual needs to get off the tour before its completion, the individual should speak with Bob Hansman and Sarah Scribner before the tour to determine if this will be possible and to make arrangements. Due to time constraints, the tour will not be able to stray from Bob’s route to drop off a participant mid-tour.

What if I can’t make it to a tour that you are offering?

Bob offers tours to groups beyond the tours coordinated by the Gephardt Institute. If you are unable to attend any of the tour date options through Gephardt, you can reach out to Bob to attend one of his other tours. We ask that you respect Bob’s busy schedule and only do this if you absolutely cannot adjust your schedule to attend one of the Gephardt Institute coordinated tours.

What happens after the tour is done? Can the Gephardt Institute help me with next steps?

People tend to process their experiences at different speeds and in a variety of different ways. The Gephardt Institute is available to help you learn more, dialogue, reflect, and prepare to take action. Visit the post-tour engagement page for more information.