Engage Democracy Workshops are a series of short, adaptable trainings that equip Washington University students, staff, faculty, and the broader community with knowledge and skills to effectively engage in the process of democracy. Designed to be nonpartisan and ideologically inclusive,  the workshops will deepen participants’ understanding of democracy and resolve to take action at local, state and federal levels.

The series of workshops are part of the Gephardt Institute’s Engage Democracy Initiative and focus on the following:

  1. Citizen Foundation

Workshops will instill a foundational understanding of American democracy, its founding principles, and the values that guide it and how it functions in 21st century America. The workshops will prepare participants with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about how they will exercise their citizenship and engage with democracy.

  1. Citizen Tools 

Workshops will equip participants with a variety of skills, tools, and know-how necessary to deepen engagement. From engaging elected officials to analyzing political news, the workshops will prepare participants with the tools they need to be informed citizens on the issues they care about.

  1. Citizen Action

Workshops will provide a platform for participants to transform their knowledge and skills for into action. The trainings will enable participants to put knowledge and skills into practice for collective action, community problem solving, and creating positive change.

Workshops Now Available:

The following Citizen Foundation workshops are now available to the WashU community.

Civics 2.0: Understanding Democracy for the 21st Century

From understanding the branches of government, to how laws are made, to the rights and duties of citizens, this workshop will leave participants equipped with the knowledge, skills and resolve to take the next steps on their way to become active citizens.

Democratic Values: Finding Common Ground

Explores the values of democracy and creates a space for participants to discuss and investigate how these values and principles are understood and identify opportunities for finding common ground.

Responsible Citizenship in a Changing World

This workshop will delve into the idea of active citizenship and the responsibility of citizens in a changing world. The workshop will enable participants to identify avenues they will pursue to develop themselves as more active citizens.

Whether for a student organization, individual classroom, or faculty group, each of the workshops in the Engaged Democracy Workshop Series is customizable for the specific audience and objectives of the group. Gephardt Institute staff will work with you to customize the workshop experience to meet your specific needs and objectives while also educating participants for lifelong engaged citizenship.

To learn more or request a workshop please contact Alannah Glickman, Assistant Director for Civic Engagement, at aglickman@wustl.edu.