If you are looking for spaces to understand, process, or respond to the election, Washington University will offer a variety of post-election programming. Offerings include faculty resources guides, mental health resources, academic analysis events, post-election dialogues, and much more. Please read on to explore the variety of options and find resources that align with your interests and needs.

If you are offering or are aware of additional post-election resources not captured on this page, please reach out to Alannah Glickman, Associate Director for Civic Engagement, at aglickman@wustl.edu.

And check out our Events page to join in the post-election conversation!

Washington University in St. Louis is a non-partisan, tax-exempt institution. The University is prohibited by law from engaging in the campaign of any candidate or political party. Individual students and student groups may engage in partisan activities, but they do not speak on behalf of the University. Listing of an event or activity herein does not constitute University sponsorship, support, or endorsement of any political candidate, political party, or political action committee.

2022 Post-Election Resources

The Gephardt Institute has compiled a set of resources to assist the WashU community as they react to and process the results of the 2022 Midterm Election.

Faculty Resources Box Folder

This Box folder includes all faculty voter engagement resources for both the pre- and post-election periods. The Box includes guidance for navigating post-election conversations in the classroom, national success stories from other universities, language to send your students at various points of the election process, and more.