Discover ways to deepen your engagement in K-12 and youth-related initiatives through the Gephardt Institute. These opportunities engage students who care about education and youth-related issues to connect with community and school organizations, in hopes of transforming the lives of St. Louis youth.

Each One Teach One

Join over 100 students making a weekly commitment to tutor local youth.

K-12 Connections

Assist in the magic of on-campus field trip experiences for local schools in the St. Louis area.

Assistance Available to WashU Students

  • Connect with local schools and community organizations
  • Receive consultation on program development
  • Understand best practices and safety expectations of working with minors on and off campus
  • Take part in trainings and workshops related to working with youth
  • Discuss internship and career opportunities in local schools, non-profits, or youth organizations
  • Deepen your understanding of the complexities of urban education reform

If you have any questions, contact Shruti Desai.