The Hawthorn InvestiGirls program is the Gephardt Institute’s newest program, which provides tutoring and enrichment experiences for young women at the Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls. Come join the fun as we spark curiosity and interest for future leaders of tomorrow.

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

The Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls was founded in the fall of 2015 with the vision of providing a supportive and stimulating environment that allows young women from diverse backgrounds to excel academically, and to become successful leaders in their communities and beyond. Hawthorn is a single sex public charter school, which focuses on a rigorous academic program that aims to help young women “reach their highest potential, free from many of the pressures and stereotypes that prevail in today’s youth culture”. WashU sponsors the school and provides various forms of support in helping the school achieve its mission. The school currently serves girls grades 6-9 and will continue to expand to grades 6-12.

InvestiGirls Workshops

Washington University student groups will have the opportunity to connect with Hawthorn students as they explore, connect and develop interests outside of the classroom setting. Hawthorn students will explore a variety of interest areas (i.e. leadership development, arts and culture, STEM) taught by WashU students and staff, while also providing a space for new skills and friendships to form. By developing a short workshop, student groups have the chance to showcase their passion and connect with the wider St. Louis community. In turn, the young women at Hawthorn gain exposure to extracurricular opportunities that they have not experienced before!

InvestiGirls Tutoring

WashU students help out in the classroom and provide academic assistance in one-on-one or small group settings with Hawthorn students through the Hawthorn InvestiGirls tutoring program. Tutors will offer individualized attention and support during the last period of the school day in academic goal-setting, math, humanities, and science.