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Help Assemble PPE Kits

Help pack and prepare PPE (personal protective equipment) kits for community members, organized by Dr. Laurie Punch through PrepareSTL. The team has already made thousands of kits and hopes to make thousands more over the next 3 months in efforts to educate and protect underserved minority communities that are more at risk of infection and severe disease. Thus far, kits have served community health workers, those in nursing homes, and those with multiple cases in their family. Future distribution plans include, but are not limited to, libraries and schools.

Kit packing shifts are Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm. If an “X” is in the box, this means that the slot is not available. Please self-screen for COVID symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, and loss of taste and smell, before showing up. Sign up here.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Kamaria Lee at kamarialee@wustl.edu. She may contact you if your shift needs to be canceled. Contact the medical school community project manager, Audrey Coolman, at a.a.coolman@wustl.edu should there be an emergency situation of any kind.