Exploring the Opioid Epidemic – An Excursion in South St. Louis

September 1, 10am- 2:30pm

Hosted by GlobeMed

Join members of GlobeMed, a student run non-profit to explore the opioid epidemic we face here in St. Louis. Together we will travel to the Recovery Community Center at the Missouri Network for Opiate Reform and Recovery and meet with leaders of The MO-HOPE Project, an intervention designed to reduce opioid overdose deaths in Missouri through expanded access to education and increased awareness. Here, we will learn about The MO-HOPE Project and the work that they do, have discussions about the relevant legislation, advocacy, and social justice opportunities in the field, and finally be trained to administer and teach others how to administer a life-saving medication that reverses opioid overdoses (Narcan). 

This excursion will be available for up to 13 students.