Gardening with Engage 360 at Tillie’s Corner

September 1, 11:45am- 4:30pm

Hosted by Engage 360

Across America, community gardens play integral roles in providing neighbors with sustainable opportunities to access fresh produce. Come learn about and serve in one of St. Louis’ most storied community gardens with Student Union’s service-minded entity: Engage 360. Together, we will help current Tillie’s Garden members harvest much-needed crops, learn about the role the garden plays in the current community, and come to appreciate the Garden’s long-standing traditions in uniting and providing for the community. It will be a unique opportunity to learn about and serve one of the many facets that makes St. Louis a special home to many. 

This excursion will be available for up to 12 students.

Physical Requirements: The physical work entailed in gardening can range from moderate to strenuous. Thus, some may want to take into account their desires to work physically, in the heat, prior to signing up for this trip.