Meet the Cherokee Hispanic Neighborhood and its Community

This excursion exploration will focus on the Cherokee Latino neighborhood in South St. Louis, its businesses and its people and the challenges and successes it faces due to current immigration policies. It will highlight the variety of restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses as well as the cultural differences and similarities with the American culture and the challenges with the current immigration system. It will also offer the chance to sit down and engage with a group of underserved Latino youth and discuss their access to higher education, the undocumented status of part of its community and how they cope with being DACA students.

This excursion will be available for up to 15 students.

Physical requirements: Students will be outside for part of the experience and should be wearing comfortable shoes and clothing. An umbrella will be handy. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate students with mobility challenges. We will have lunch at a Mexican restaurant and we cannot reassure students that they will be able to address food allergies.