Mortar Board

Thanks for your interest in WUSTL’s chapter of Mortar Board! Here’s some quick facts about our national organization:

  • Founded: February 15, 1918
  • Founding Chapters: Cornell University, The University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, and Swarthmore College
  • Mission: Mortar Board, Inc. — a national honor society that recognizes college seniors for their achievements in scholarship, leadership and service — provides opportunities for continued leadership development, promotes service to colleges and universities, and encourages lifelong contributions to the global community.
  • Motto: Pi Sigma Alpha (ΠΣΑ), letters that correspond to three Greek words representing the ideals of Mortar Board: scholarship, leadership and service.
  • Symbol: A mortarboard, an ancient symbol of honor and distinction, represents the organization. Many early scholars also adopted the clerical or monastic robes as a symbol, illustrating their devotion to the profession of learning.
  • Colors: Gold (representing achievement) and silver (symbolizing opportunity)
  • Pin: Shaped like a black mortarboard with the Greek letters representing the motto engraved in gold
  • Membership: Nearly a quarter of a million members have been initiated across the nation. There are 228 chartered collegiate chapters in 47 states.
  • National Project: In 1985, the collegiate members decided they wanted each chapter to engage in and actively promote a national project each year. Over several years, the national project promoted many issues, and today’s permanent project is “Reading is Leading.”
  • Notable Mortar Board Initiates: politician Condoleezza Rice, astronaut Judith Resnick, author Aron Ralston, football player Drew Brees, author Bruce Littlefield.
  • National

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