SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates

SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates was founded in September 2014. We are excited to bring organ education, advocacy, and registration to campus, and we hope you get involved!

Leadership Team: Terrence Tsou, Nicole Nidea, Sarah Small, Jadine Sonoda, Avni Joshi, Melanie Yuen

Advisor: Timothy Dugan

General Goals:

  1. To bring organ donation to the awareness of students at Washington University
  2. To provide opportunities for students to advocate and educate about organ donation
  3. To encourage students to talk with their family about organ donation
  4. To encourage organ donation registration on campus
  5. To have , trained volunteers who make a commitment to educate and have conversations about organ donation with others

Click here to view their WUGO page.