The WU China Care Club

China’s one child policy created a situation where children, especially in rural China, were deemed unwanted for either economic or cultural reasons. As a result, many children were abandoned by their parents. The Chinese government was then left to care for these children but lacked the necessary resources to give these children the life they deserve. This is why China Care exists. Our goal is to help these children, one by one, in the hopes that they can lead a better life.

We achieve our mission through our four pillars, FAMS:

  1. Fundraising: Every year, through different events and programs, we fundraise to support a Chinese orphan’s medical surgery as well as provide supplies and food for orphans and foster families.
  2. Advocacy: We show documentaries and host awareness projects on campus in order to bring to light the problems and hardships faced by orphans in China.
  3. Mentorship: We have two programs for adopted children in the St Louis area. For ages 9 and under, we hold bi-weekly “dumplings” playgroups, a one-on-one playgroup to teach local adopted Chinese children about their Chinese heritage and culture. Children ages 10 and up join our Big Sister Little Sister Mentorship program where a WashU student is paired with a local adopted Chinese child. They meet for weekly playgroups in pairs of two in order to foster a relationship and build a support network that will last a lifetime.
  4. Summer Service Trip: Each summer, we finish off the school year by flying to Beijing, China, and volunteer at the China Care Home. For two weeks, we interact and help the nannies with many Chinese orphans to help the children grow up in a healthy environment. The trip is a rewarding experience for us to finish out our year with. Check out our 2013 trip here.

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