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Journal Edition Focuses on International Service

​International Service-Learning is the theme of the latest edition of the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, available online at

The journal is a follow up to a research symposium at Washington University in April 2011 sponsored by the Center for Social Development and the Gephardt Institute for Public Service in partnership with Duke University, the Brookings Institution, the Building Bridges Coalition and Service World.  Articles include discussions and research concerning the consequences of international service-learning, best practices for alternative break models, and the partnership between the Peace Corps and higher education

Gephardt Institute Director Amanda Moore McBride and DukeEngage Director Eric Mlyn, who served as guest editors, say: “As relations between countries become increasingly militarized and the United States extracts itself from two bloody and costly wars, bringing the wisdom, energy, and goodwill of U.S. college and university students to those around the globe who may assume that all U.S. citizens carry guns is another benefit of the growth of international service as a field of study. We hope that in a small way this thematic issue contributes to the advancement of the field.”

A follow-up symposium on international service will be October 23-25 at Northwestern University in Chicago.