Washington University in St. Louis is a strong supporter of local schools, and it is a resource for K-12 teachers and students. You can benefit by connecting with faculty who are passionate about their fields of study, college students who are excited to work with young learners, world-class collections of art and artifacts, and nationally acclaimed performing artists.

Types of Connections to Consider

With help from our campus partners, we can facilitate field trips to the Danforth University campus. We can also come to your school location for one-time special events. University student volunteers provide all of our program staffing, so event dates are limited to the months of September through April each academic year.

Common campus activities include:

  • Tours of the Danforth Campus geared towards K – 8th grades
  • Student panel discussions about college life and academic success
  • Mars Rover model and geology exhibits in the Earth and Planetary Sciences department
  • Classics department presentations on ancient Greece, Rome, Language, and Art
  • Olin Library special collections exhibits
  • WashU Common Reading Program for high school students
  • Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum interactive programming (returning in September 2019)
  • Science, STEM, or STEAM night event table at your location facilitated by Everyday mySci

How it works

Step 1: Develop your idea!

K-12 Connections is best poised to assist with one-time special events.  Review the list above for your best option. While we can publicize your tutoring and in-classroom needs, it is unlikely we can fulfill these requests.

Step 2: Discuss the idea with your principal.

We are happy to receive requests from school administrators, teachers and parents, and we ask that your school administrator approve all requests.

Step 3: Submit an online request.

Step 4: Look for our follow-up.

The following week, we will contact you about how K-12 Connections can support your request.

Step 5: Solidify plans.

Some requests may require further discussion to finalize plans.

Step 6: Enjoy the event!

We look forward to supporting a fun and educational experience for your students!

Step 7: Give us feedback.

Feedback on your experience helps us continue to support your efforts in the future.