Carrick Reddin

Service begins and ends with individual connections. Carrick Reddin, a graduating senior in the College of Architecture with a second major in International and Area Studies, embodies this in every role he plays. Compassion for others echoes through his personal, professional, and academic commitments, evidenced by his willingness to take the time, invest the energy, and support those around him.

Carrick has proven a leader in the St. Louis community through his work supporting community design processes to develop sustainable and usable public spaces. Demonstrating insightful coordination and a deep responsibility to the community, Carrick partnered with the Jefferson Collaborative in South St. Louis and KIPP Wisdom Academy to help build a playground with the national organization KaBOOM. He was able to transition from a student observer to a project leader by creating an accessible project plan for the neighborhood association to review and helping the charter school better understand the value and design of outdoor classrooms.

Carrick has sought ever greater challenges in his commitment to bring diversity and community voice into design. He helped to address city-wide strategy through his work on a North City master plan that serves as a living document in discussions with stakeholders about the future of this important economic corridor. In a role that belied his age, he skillfully served as the facilitator of a work session between multiple city stakeholders and national experts on sustainability during the kick-off to the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Project in St. Louis.

Carrick has also dedicated himself to building community within Washington University. According to nominator Jenni Harpring, as a Civic Scholar Carrick “goes out of his way to get to know other students and challenges his peers to think critically about social justice issues.” He has served as a mentor to his peers within Civic Scholars as well as in the College of Architecture, and has taken on an important role connecting students to the St. Louis region and helping them to understand the role that design should play in making the world a better place.

According to nominator David Stiffler, “Service is sometimes described in exalted terms that too often do disservice to the realities of authentic connection, support and friendship. Carrick inspires us to be conscious and take on selfless compassion, service, and impact in every moment.”