Chris Krehmeyer

Urban Studies Alumnus; Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Housing

Chris Krehmeyer has an unparalleled devotion to residents of the St. Louis region. For the past 28 years, Chris has been CEO of Beyond Housing, a nationally recognized community development organization. Beyond Housing is celebrated as one of the most innovative and successful organizations in its field. Under his leadership, Chris has guided the organization to tenfold growth in staff, twentyfold growth in assets, and an innumerable imprint on the lives of the communities they serve.  

Chris is a 1986 graduate of Washington University and received a Doctor of Humane Letters degree in 2018. He now acts as a mentor to dozens of Brown School practicum students in a variety of roles. From teaching students in non-profit management to serving on the Brown School Dean’s Advisory Board, Chris has an unwavering commitment to the Washington University campus.  

As CEO of Beyond Housing, Chris demonstrates his exceptional strengths as a leader, innovator, and advocate for communities. In the city of Normandy, he has embedded staff in the School District who operate a state-licensed after-school and summer program for children, and has placed health workers to assist various community needs. Through these actions, residents of the city have seen improved academic performance, reduced homelessness, strengthened public health, and increased economic opportunity. On a broader scale, Beyond Housing has developed and now owns over 500 units of affordable housing, a grocery store, a movie theatre, a health facility, a food hall, and soon a community center. 

In the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chris persisted forward to maintain all current levels of services to the hundreds of residents under Beyond Housing’s care. He arranged meal services, vaccine clinics, rent relief, mortgage forbearance, and community health awareness activities for all. Even more, Chris participated in every weekly food distribution for months, greeting each family as they arrived for help. Even in the most arduous of times, Chris’ dedication remained intact and stronger than ever.  

“Chris leads by example for all to see,” His nominator wrote. “He constantly pushes others to do more, take chances, and push the envelope to make a difference.”