Flint Fowler

Flint Fowler earned his B.A. in Psychology and Black Studies from Washington University in St. Louis in 1980 and continued his education at the university for another year to earn an M.A. in Psychology with an emphasis on minority mental health. Flint immediately put his education to use by taking impressive leadership roles in organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America Greater St. Louis Area Council, Saint Louis University’s Upward Bound Program, Operation Teamwork and INROADS/St. Louis. In 1997, Flint earned his Ph.D. in Education at Saint Louis University while also completing his first year at the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis, where he currently serves as Executive Director.

In the past ten years, Flint has brought Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis (HHBGC) to a new level of professionalism and organization while strengthening its focus on the youth it serves. HHBGC offers a wide variety of programs and services for youth ages 6-18 targeted toward educational, emotional, physical and social development. Flint has expanded these programs and services to include dental and eye care for members. He has also recently led the opening of a second Club in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood by forging partnerships with BJC HealthCare and the Washington University School of Medicine.

Flint has received numerous awards for his service to HHBGC as well as his other contributions to the St. Louis community. He currently serves on boards for the St. Louis Public Schools, Saint Louis University School of Pharmacy, Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, the Mayor’s Commission on Family and Youth, the St. Louis Sports Commission and the WUSTL Neighbor’s Council. He also regularly volunteers with the local Boy Scouts of America and Fair St. Louis.

Flint’s contributions to the St. Louis region center around one major theme. As Nancy Lammers, Director of Development at HHBGC explains, “He believes in the kids and wants do to everything he can to help them. That’s his motivation in life.” Flint’s successes rely on his ability to persuade others to share this mission. When asked to describe Flint’s leadership, Jack Biggs, fellow HHBGC board member and President of Midwest Bank Center replied, “I think he is very dedicated to helping other people, and he has a natural talent for bringing together the necessary resources to do it.” Mae Gordon, Flint’s nominator and faculty at the WUSTL School of Medicine, sums up his character well; she writes, jokingly, “He embodies a deep integrity, kindness of character and commitment of vision that wins your heart, and many times your pocket book.”