Jared Lalmansingh

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Born in the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Jared Lalmansingh came to the United States to further his studies, earning his master’s degree in physics from Texas A&M University. In 2015, he came to Washington University to pursue a doctoral degree in theoretical biophysics under the mentorship of Professors Rohit Pappu and Anders Carlsson.

In Jared’s first semester at Washington University, he joined the Physics Outreach Committee and demonstrated love and passion for science outreach. Jared’s commitment was unwavering, and in February of 2017, he assumed leadership of the committee with plans to extend its impact in the greater St. Louis community. Under his guidance, the Physics Outreach Committee doubled the number of Physics Family Fun Days hosted annually. At these events, the outreach team demonstrates physics concepts with hands-on activities, sparking interest and curiosity amongst elementary school children and their families. The committee also became involved with the Young Scientist Program (YSP), responding to requests for small teams to present science activities in K-12 classrooms and in homeschool groups. Additionally, under Jared’s leadership, the committee has staffed an astronomy night at a local elementary school, engaged young students from North County with physics at the Claver House, and secured funding for a new public lecture series that aims to make physics more accessible and relatable for the public.

Through Jared’s visionary leadership, the impact of the Physics Outreach Committee continues to grow in impact to levels never before achieved. As nominator and fellow graduate student Daniel Van Hoesen wrote, “It is difficult to comprehend how Jared was able to accomplish so much in a short amount of time while continuing to be a productive researcher…Jared inspires active involvement in his peers, because his actions are driven by a deeply held moral obligation to improve our community.”