Lucy Chin

With a keen eye toward building structures that promote critical thinking, inclusion, and empathy, Lucy Chin is motivated to empower and cultivate the potential of those around her. Lucy has left an indelible mark on the university and the St. Louis community through a range of initiatives.  She led an immersion trip to Memphis to examine civil rights, diversity, and inclusion; she constructed Meet St. Louis, a Gephardt Institute initiative designed to engage first-year students in the St. Louis community; and she fuels InvestiGirls at Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls. Lucy’s steadfast conviction and determination have positioned her to explore social justice, education, and public health all while deepening her own understanding of civic engagement.

Lucy actively inspires those around her to build community across difference, to be curious, and to dream in possibilities. As a Gephardt Institute Stern Family Civic Scholar, Lucy explored the integration of social justice learning and curriculum in educational communities and settings. Last summer, Lucy served as a FaciliTrainer for the Anytown Youth Leadership Institute at the National Conference for Community and Justice of Metropolitan St. Louis, where she was responsible for leading reflective dialogue sessions for youth interested in building communities of inclusion, trust, and mutual respect.

Lucy’s emphasis on building supportive environments that lift and give voice to others are currently on display as coordinator of the Gephardt Institute’s InvestiGirls program, a two-pronged after-school tutoring and enrichment program at the Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls. She mobilizes tutors and volunteers to deliver academic support and assistance to the young women at Hawthorn while also challenging her peers to deepen their understanding of urban education and adolescent youth development. She has become a trusted resource for volunteers and a well-known presence to the students and staff at the school.

Lucy’s thoughtful approach and vibrancy energizes and compels those around her to take action in meaningful ways. As her nominator La’Rez Wilson, Manager of K-12 and Youth Initiatives at the Gephardt Institute, summed, “Service is ingrained in how Lucy conducts herself and engages with the world… She seeks ways to improve her community, regardless of the task and always with a positive attitude.”