Nick Miller

Whether it’s his signature bow-ties, quick smile, or eagerness to lend a hand whenever possible, Nick Miller stands out in the WU community as a person whose enthusiasm and unflagging commitment to service make him the “go-to guy” for people and causes in need.

As a Ph.D. candidate in English, Nick’s passion for community engagement starts with his research and teaching. He is a vibrant instructor, inspiring students to renew their understandings of people, culture, and the world, and to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom. As an active member of the American Culture Studies program, his academic work and pedagogy ask peers and students to become critical and compassionate members of our community in its many complexities.

Nick’s sense of community doesn’t stop at the theoretical level: He puts his ideals into practice. As advisor to the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life at WU, Nick plays a central role in empowering the undergraduate steering committee. He devotes considerable time in a voluntary capacity, following years of dedicated involvement as one of the few graduate students on the committee. In the words of former Relay leader Emilie Weisser, the team depends on Nick “as a constant source of enthusiasm and inspiration.”

Nick has been a constant champion of graduate student involvement in community service, and has continued to actively engage his peers following his term as president of the Graduate Professional Council. He seems to seek every opportunity to make a contribution – and galvanize others to action – through initiatives including Service First, PB&Joy University-Wide Food Drive, and fundraising to support victims of Superstorm Sandy. He also initiated and organized a successful graduate student community service day. Nick is extremely generous with his time and always eager and thoughtful in his approach to service. “As a full-time student, husband, and father of four, Nick still manages to volunteer time, enthusiasm, and support to the causes that he feels most strongly about—and there are many of them,” wrote his nominator, fellow graduate student Heidi Pennington. “His generosity and commitment to service are only surpassed by his cheerful spirit and sense of humor. He is an incredible colleague, friend, and member of the WU community.”