Ollie Fisher

As president of the Fisher Wellness Center, a co-founder of the Northside Neighborhood Action Association, a Delta Dental Plan Board Member and a member of the Charmaine Chapman Society for the United Way, Dr. Ollie C. Fisher has embarked on a mission to give wholeheartedly back to his community. A 1974 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis’s School of Engineering, he earned a doctorate of dental medicine at Washington University’s School of Dental Medicine in 1977.

Dr. Fisher co-founded and volunteers for “Give Kids a Smile,” a program that provides free dental care to children in need twice a year. He is also a member and/or founder of several humanitarian efforts in St. Louis. He serves on the Better Family Life Board of Directors, a community-based organization that provides job training, housing assistance and enrichment programs for low-income families. As Former Chairman and current board member of the Missouri Board of Health and Senior Services, Dr. Fisher worked tirelessly to promote preventive programs such as smoking cessation and obesity awareness. Finally, he serves as the Board Chairman for Support a Child Inc.

Along with his wife, Perdita, Dr. Fisher finds other creative ways to give back to the community. Each year, they use their wedding anniversary to fundraise for disadvantaged and at-risk youth. Their “Heart for Children” program has generated tens of thousands of dollars for local children’s programs. They have also welcomed and fostered seven children in their home.

For these reasons, Dr. Fisher is a recipient of the Community Service Award and a Mayoral Proclamation from former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley. What’s more, in 2005, he received the Navy Commendation Medal, and he is an International College of Dentists Fellow, an American College of Dentists Fellow, and a Pierre Fauchard Academy Fellow. Finally, as a Missouri Dental Association Delegate, he has fought for Medicaid benefits for the indigent population in Missouri.

With these achievements and service to the community in mind, Dr. Fisher’s nominator, A. Moriel McClerklin, notes how Dr. Fisher “…is concerned with the entire well-being of the person. He is diligent about seeking solutions. He makes children believe they can overcome their surroundings and circumstances just as he did, and he challenges the youth to overcome their fears and seek assistance whenever necessary.”