Quinn Tyminski

Instructor, Program in Occupational Therapy, Washington University School of Medicine

Dr. Tyminski has played an instrumental role in the growth of my identity as a young OT working with marginalized communities. Working in her student-run clinic has pushed and challenged me like no other experience. For example, I worked with a client with multiple disabilities living out of her car for several months. Although Dr. Tyminski was always present to answer questions and gently guide me toward the best ways of helping this woman, she allowed me to take leadership with this client. Her willingness to let me learn on my own was what allowed me to grow into a more skilled therapist and confident advocate for the homeless population.”

Ethic of Service Award Nomination

Dr. Tyminski’s scholarly work focuses on clinical research and assessment development in community-based mental health practice. Prior to joining the Program in fall of 2017, Dr. Tyminski gained clinical experience practicing with individuals living with mental illness in both inpatient and community-based settings, as well as, individuals experiencing homelessness and incarcerated individuals. Her current research interests focus on occupational therapy program development and assessment within marginalized populations. 

Dr. Tyminski mentors students interested in Occupational Therapy for individuals experiencing homelessness and other marginalized populations. Students will have the opportunity to work within these populations through a student-run clinic in partnership with St. Patrick’s Center (SPC).  A local organization whose mission is aimed at housing people who are homeless and diagnosed with mental illness by (1) removing barriers to housing, (2) empowering individuals and families to access resources, and (3) providing the necessary supports to ensure long-term housing stability. Dr. Tyminski and her students work to develop programs and engage in clinical research to improve the occupational participation and functional independence of individuals experiencing homelessness and mental illness.  

Dr. Tyminski earned her master’s degree in occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012 and her occupational therapy doctorate from Saint Louis University in 2017.