Robin A. Hattori

Senior Project Manager, Program in Occupational Therapy; University College Alumna

“Service permeates every aspect and area of Robin’s life, such that it defines her as a person,” says one of her nominators. From volunteering at copious non-profits around St. Louis to engaging with numerous Japanese-American organizations to her long-time work at Washington University, Robin Hattori truly does it all. 

For the past six years, Robin has served as Senior Project Manager in the Program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University School of Medicine. In this position, Robin has demonstrated her aptitude as a caring and exemplary leader. From executing small tasks such as planning new member welcomes to undertaking extensive projects such as organizing the program’s Centennial Gala, Robin ensures that each is done with the utmost of care and with equal attention to detail for each stakeholder involved. Further, Robin promotes a culture of positivity within the program, fostering healthy communication and relationships with each member of the team. She has a genuine interest in everyone she works with, not just within their role, but in the unique attributes and passions of each person as a whole.  

Robin is an active volunteer with several non-profit organizations, serving on various boards and actively participating in events. She invests significant time to highlight the work of others by shining the spotlight on them while she remains in the wings. One such organization is the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID), where she has volunteered for over 11 years. Robin started working with the organization as a high school volunteer and has transformed her role into a board member, donor, and fan-favorite in the community.  

Another integral component of Robin’s service is her commitment to educating others on Japanese culture and history. Robin serves as a board member for the Japanese American Citizens League and works as an active member of the Japan America Society of St. Louis (JAS). Executive Director for JAS, Chip Meyer, describes Robin as “indispensable to the Japanese American community in St. Louis… Robin truly works tirelessly to help us achieve that mission. Though ‘works’ isn’t quite the right word… It is more accurate to say she lives her life in such a way that she simply is helping us achieve that mission… Ethics is not what Robin does, it is who she is.” 

Robin is a life-long St. Louisan, a Washington University alumna, and a longtime staff member at the university. For almost 20 years, Robin has eagerly brought her community-centered approach to every aspect of her work on both the Danforth and Medical campuses. Her nominator closes: “Her humility amplifies her commitment to service; she does not do all she does in pursuit of accolades. Rather, her motivation comes from a desire to build community and connection across and within all her circles to create understanding and empathy in the St. Louis area.”