Xiefangzheng “Will” Sun

Bachelor of Science, Architecture, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, 2018

Through his dedication to relationships and commitment to making our world a better place, Will Sun has made his mark on the Washington University and St. Louis communities. As a student in the College of Architecture and a leader with the Alberti Program, Will embodies an ethos of dedication and care that goes above and beyond expectations.

Will is consistent in supporting those he loves, intervening when friends are struggling, and speaking up for those who may not have their voices heard in conversations. He is known as a dedicated friend, spending full nights in the hospital, delivering food, and organizing others to offer support. Will consistently follows through on his commitments in relationships, thoughtfully investing himself in the lives of others.

Throughout much of his time at WashU, Will has been an active teacher and leader in the Alberti Program where architecture students teach 4th through 12th grade students from across the St. Louis region using an iterative 2D and 3D design process. He has built long-term relationships with students and taught other WashU teachers how to manage difficult students in the classroom. He has served as a trusted ambassador and advisor for the program.

Will has dedicated himself to exploring and participating actively in the St. Louis community. His commitment to Artists First, a community art organization that helps people living with disabilities express themselves through art, has led to his development of deep relationships with the people he met there. He also worked to develop a map that highlights historic sites in the Ville Neighborhood, pursuing funding to get this project printed. Will wants to see efforts in St. Louis come to fruition and has been a tireless advocate on campus for students connecting with the St. Louis community.

Nominators Liz Kramer and Bob Hansman wrote, “His selflessness, his dedication to others, and his belief that the world can be better than it is today, are foundational to his way of being in the world. Will embodies the commitment, dedication, and caring that inspires us as educators and members of this community.”