All individuals participating in service trips are required to watch video workshops and complete associated quizzes. In addition, participants must complete information forms and enroll in True Blue international insurance. Trip Leaders are required to provide additional information on behalf of their programs.

Service Trip Requirements

Requirement Trip leaders complete one per service trip All participants and leaders complete
Forms 1. Service Trip Application Form

2. Service Trip Information Form (one required for each trip).

(NOTE: The Service Trip Proposal is embedded in this form)

3. Service Trip Petition (one required for each trip traveling to high-risk location according to U.S. State Dept. or International SOS)

1. Sign Service Trip Application Form

2. Service Trip Participant Form (required of all participants)

3. Supplemental Waiver (required for participants traveling to high-risk location according to U.S. State Dept. or International SOS)

Training and Gephardt Institute engagement 1. Service Trip Leaders Information Session on September 13 at 3:30pm in DUC 248

2. Service Trip sub section.

  • You will work with a member of the STLT to complete
  • This should be your framework for an early pre-trip training
1. Video training modules and associated quizzes

2. (optional) Workshops offered by the Service Trip Leadership Team

The Service Trip Application Form is intended to increase transparency to prospective participants about service trip expectations, costs, and risks. It will also increased accountability for service trip leaders and organizers to manage their team preparation and program budget.

Trip Leaders should download the blank Service Trip Application form here and begin the following process with their teams:

  1. Trip Leaders complete this form and include it as a cover page to their application
  2. Trip Leaders email the completed form to Tim Dugan,
  3. Trip Participants review, sign, and include this form with their completed application
  4. Trip Leaders submit complete participant rosters

Required Forms

All individuals participating in service trips, including trip leaders, must complete safety and emergency forms via the University’s Studio Abroad online system.

Fall Break October 1 11:00pm
Winter Break November 1 11:00pm
Spring Break February 1 11:00pm
Summer Break April 1 11:00pm

Before Completing Your Forms

  • Please begin your forms at least 48 HOURS BEFORE the deadline. Studio Abroad requires this time to verify users, and applicants will not be able to electronically sign any materials until system verification is complete.
  • You may save your responses and return to your dashboard anytime to continue your forms.
  • Participant forms must be completed by all individuals participating in the trip, including trip leaders and advisers
  • Trip information forms pertain to basic trip information, and must be completed by one of the trip leaders
  • If you have any questions, please contact Tim Dugan
  • Use these links for all service trips – fall, winter, spring, and summer.
  • Summer is defined as trips that occur between the end of spring courses and the start of fall course.

Service Trip Forms (First Time Access)

Use this link to access all Service Trip Leader and Participant Forms once you have started them

Trip Leader Requirements: Completing your Proposal and Petition

The Gephardt Institute is available for consultation as you complete your proposal and petition, including help to develop a solid program plan  and then articulate this effectively in writing. You might also consider seeking assistance from the Writing Center.

Proposal Requirements (One required of each service trip)

The Proposal is embedded in the Service Trip Information Form. Proposals are required of all service trips – both international and domestic. Please review the guidelines before beginning your Proposal and refer questions to Proposals must be submitted through Studio Abroad using the above link.. Please allow a minimum of 30 days for review of your proposal.

Petition Requirements

(International Trips to High Risk Locations)
Petitions are required of all international service trips traveling to or through any country or region for which a “Travel Suspension Condition” applies (typically, this is indicated by Travel Warnings or Travel Alerts issues by the U.S. Department of State). Requests for exemption from a travel suspension are evaluated on a program by program basis.

Review the petition process before beginning your Petition and contact Petitions should be submitted via email to Tim Dugan. Please allow 30 days for review.