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Staff Spotlight: Dwayne T. James

Dwayne T. James

We are delighted to have Dwayne T. James join the Civic Scholars Program as the co-instructor for the Class of 2022. Dwayne is the County Program Director for University of Missouri (MU) Extension – St. Louis County. He has served as a Council Member for the City of Ferguson, is the Race Director for the award-winning Ferguson Twilight Run and is a founding member of the Ferguson Youth Initiative.

What drew you to the opportunity to be a co-instructor for the Civic Scholars Junior Class?
I love the connection between education and civic engagement. I have a passion for supporting leaders in their journeys to assist, empower and
support the community.

What have you enjoyed most about being a co-instructor for the course?
I have enjoyed working with Theresa and Genesis – of course. In addition, I have loved every minute in working with the excellent cohort of Civic Scholars, hearing about their passions, ideas and hopes to do work in and with the community – both locally, nationally and worldwide. I find joy in meeting people that have a want to improve the world in which we live – especially when they want to improve it with community at the focus.

What is something you want alumni to know about the junior cohort?
This year’s cohort continues the excellence of the Civic Scholar family and history. They are diverse in thought and strengths. They are passionate and resourceful. They are a force that will be sure to provide an impact in the community. They are a cohort that everyone should connect with, learn from and support!

I just want the alumni to support and assist the cohort as much as they can. As they might remember, it sometimes might feel that you are on an island and need advice on how to get through the next step.