Standards of Conduct Form
I hereby agree to maintain the following standards of conduct: I will properly supervise and escort the minor children (hereinafter “Community Youth”) with whom I interact on campus. I will make every effort to ensure that Community Youth remain within the areas of the University campus designated for this event or program. In no event will I permit Community Youth to enter any University residence halls, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Office of Residential Life. I will not transport Community Youth in a private vehicle. I will avoid contact with Community Youth outside of recognized University and/or community programs. During my interaction with Community Youth, I will abstain from wearing clothing that is revealing, or bearing references to explicit language, sex, alcohol, or tobacco. When interaction with Community Youth entails one-on-one interaction, I will utilize public environments such as Olin Library or the Danforth University Center, rather than isolated locations. I understand that I am expected to behave in a manner consistent with the Washington University Judicial Code and all applicable University policies during my interactions with Community Youth.

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