What is #ThisCivicMoment?

This Civic Moment was created by the Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasingly, we were hearing from members of the WashU community who want to do something to help their communities during this time. Common amongst many was the lack of a framework for critical reflection to center the priorities of community and consider how those needs aligned with their own skills and knowledge. We created this series in the hope that the WashU community could engage in the process of critical reflection to share perspectives, calls to action, analyses, considerations, and artistic expressions that show the civic implications and commitments to action of the community.

I am interested in contributing but need help in thinking through my idea. Can someone help me with this?

Absolutely, you can send an email to gephardtinstitute@wustl.edu. We will schedule a 30-minute meeting with you to discuss your idea, the submission process, and a timeline for submission.

What are the criteria for submission?

  1. Be a WashU student, faculty, staff, and/or alumni
  2. Essays are limited to 350 words or less
  3. Pictures, poems, and other artistic forms must include a caption of no more than 100 words
  4. Audio or video clips should be 5 minutes or less
  5. Each submission should include a 50 word or less bio

What can I not say?

Submissions may be journalistic, academic, artistic, calls to action, or personal narrative, and we welcome a variety of media, including short essays (350 words as suggested maximum), poetry, video or audio recordings (5 minutes as suggested maximum), and images. The Gephardt Institute will publish a selection of the submissions in an upcoming online series.

Submissions deemed derogatory to particular groups or populations will not be accepted. Washington University is a politically neutral institution. Listing of any event or activity in submissions is not indicative of university sponsorship or support of any political cause or position. The Gephardt Institute is non-partisan and the views expressed through the submissions do not reflect the views of the institute or the institute staff.

There have been a number of calls for stories similar to this call. How is it different?

We celebrate the many stories being collected around the university meant to engage the community in a conversation about how COVID-19 and the Movement for Black Lives are impacting them. While individual personal impact is important and may be part of a submission, #ThisCivicMoment is meant to offer perspectives about the civic implications of this moment and its larger impacts. In addition, submissions are meant to evoke commitments or calls to action that are informed and responsible.

What exactly are you looking for in a submission?

Here are examples that can be guides for you to help in your formulation of an idea, but don’t let these limit your creativity. We are also happy to schedule a 30-minute meeting with you to help you flesh out your idea.

How can I nominate someone who I think would be ideal for this series?

Submit their information here.

Where can I access #ThisCivicMoment Series?

You can access the series here.