Thank you for your interest in #ThisCivicMoment. This online series is open to submissions from WashU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We invite you, as individuals or groups, to share your perspectives on COVID-19, the Movement for Black Lives, and the civic implications of this moment. Submissions may be journalistic, academic, artistic, calls to action, or personal narrative, and we welcome a variety of media, including short essays (350 words as suggested maximum), poetry, video or audio recordings (5 minutes as suggested maximum), and images. Are you ready to submit? Please complete the following submission form, and a staff member will follow up to discuss the review and selection process. We will publish a selection of submissions on our website and in other communications. Interested in learning more or discussing your ideas? Please fill out the form (submission field is optional), or email us at We look forward to learning, growing, and deepening our civic commitments together in this civic moment.

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Washington University encourages all members of the University community to be informed, actively engaged citizens.  We welcome submissions representing a diverse range of views and beliefs and want to empower you to share your ideas and perspectives. Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis and are selected based on their alignment with to #ThisCivicMoment’s purpose and submission guidelines. Submissions that include harassing or threatening content or that otherwise do not align with the Gephardt Institute’s mission and values, as determined by the Gephardt Institute, will not be posted.
Please note that as a non-partisan, tax-exempt institution, Washington University itself may not advocate for the election or defeat of a particular candidate or political party, nor can the University promote or encourage such advocacy by participants in university-sponsored events. Submissions posted reflect the individual views of the author and do not constitute University sponsorship, support, or endorsement of any political candidate, political party, or political action committee.