What is Ally Donation?

The intent of ally donation is to create an avenue for people to show support for those who are ineligible or unable to donate blood. Allies may donate blood on behalf of a friend or colleague, and may also support the blood drive through social media or promoting the blood drive to others.  

Who is it For?

The Ally Donation initiative was developed in the context of the FDA’s “MSM policy” (men who have had sex with other men), which was enacted at the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis. The policy initially indicated an indefinite deferral for MSM. It has since been revised to a 12 month blood donor deferral since last MSM contact. The Ally Donation initiative is intended for individuals affected by this policy, but anyone who is affected by FDA eligibility requirements is invited to participate.

Why Are We Doing It?

Ally donation was first introduced at Washington University blood drives in April 2015 in an effort to show support for students, faculty, and staff who cannot or choose not to donate blood because of FDA restrictions.

How Can I Participate?

  1. Find a friend or colleague to donate on your behalf. If you choose, arrange a time to join a friend in their donation process. Their entire donation will last about an hour, so be prepared.
  2. Participants can stay with their ally for the entire donation process except for the medical history portion, which must remain private because of HIPAA regulations. That said, please be respectful of medical personnel.

When is It?

Ally donation is available at all university-wide blood drives.