Voting Rights Specialist Position

The Cori Bush 2018 campaign is looking for a Voting Rights Specialist. This is an unpaid position, and compensation will be in the form of work experience or credit hours for students applying with qualifying internship requirements.

The selected candidate will focus on advocating for the voting rights of individuals in need. There are three concentrations: (1) ex-felon voting rights; (2) voter ID; and (3) exoneration.

Primary responsibilities will include:

  • Research
    • Master the necessary bureaucratic procedures for assisting the individual
    • Identify tools needed to contact bureaucratic employees
  • Education
    • Prepare educational materials to disseminate at events
    • Attend events, reach out to potential beneficiaries, offer services
  • Advocacy
    • Plan an intake call or meeting to inform the person of all necessary materials
    • Identify and missing materials needed
    • Assist individual with navigating bureaucracies, online and in person

To apply, submit a resume and a 250-word cover letter to Brendan Ziebarth at